New Campaign to Target Rape Increase in Sac

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, December 7, 2009
It’s an awareness strategy that features TV and radio public service announcements targeting young people … like this one aimed at men:
PSA: “You’re out with a girl and you decide to get said girl drunk or high – so drunk or high you could easily force sex on her. Well, that’s rape.”
Sacramento Police Chief Rick Braziel says it’s modeled after a similar campaign against drunk driving.
Braziel: “So really we’re targeting those folks – the males in particular – between the ages of 18-30, when it comes to alcohol use. Not just driving, but how they behave when it comes to women.”
The city isn’t spending any money on the campaign. The Sacramento County non-profit WEAVE, which works to combat domestic violence, designed the announcements and is footing the bill.

For comparison, rapes in Elk Grove are about half as high as last year.  And the Sacramento Sheriff’s Department says it’s dealt with the exact same number of rapes through October of this year as the same time period in 2008.