City, County Want to Look at Combining Some Services

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, December 7, 2009
The county’s Rob Leonard says it’s too soon to know what services or departments could be combined. But …
Leonard: “There are areas of redundancy in everything from building inspection, code compliance, animal control. We do very similar things. We do it in different ways, in some cases. The question is, how might we be able to bring those things together?”
The police and sheriff’s departments already work together in a couple of areas … like sharing training facilities and covering for each other’s swat teams. But a Sac PD spokesman says they’ve looked for more efficiencies – and have yet to find them.

The Sacramento City Council and county Board of Supervisors will each have to sign on to the effort with votes at their meetings on Tuesday. Officials would then report back on their progress in 90 days.