City Offers Free Downtown Parking for Holiday Shoppers

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(Sacramento, CA)
Friday, November 27, 2009
Starting Friday, parking at metered spaces between “I” and “L” streets and between Front and 29th streets will be free weekdays after 4:30pm and throughout the weekends. The program runs through Christmas Day.
Dean Fujimoto is the city’s parking enforcement manager. He says Sacramento expects to lose around $80,000 dollars in revenues, but …
Fujimoto: “The hope is to support those businesses so they generate additional sales tax. And at some level, the sales tax revenue comes back to the city."
Last year, the city only offered free parking on certain downtown and midtown streets. This year, it’s extending the program to Old Sacramento and a Midtown garage.
But don’t get too careless. Traffic cops will still enforce all other parking violations, including time limits, street sweeping and colored curb zones.