Bikes on K Street? City Council to Vote Tonight

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, November 24, 2009
Right now, only pedestrians are allowed on the stretch of K Street between the Convention Center and Old Sacramento – well, except for light rail trains and the occasional police officer on horseback. But that could change with Tuesday night's council vote. Chris Dougherty with the city’s transportation department says letting bikes onto the mall would improve access for cyclists – and help shops and restaurants too.
Dougherty: “With all the businesses that are going in along the more recently revamped areas of K Street, I think this will definitely aid them for those biking down for dinner and also those biking down to the mall.”
Under the ordinance, cyclists would have to yield to pedestrians, stay off the sidewalks and stick to a 10 mile-an-hour speed limit. And the Westfield Downtown Plaza would remain off-limits.
The city is also looking at whether to allow cars back onto K Street. A report from an outside consulting firm is due by the end of the year.