GOP Report Suggests New Details on Johnson Allegations

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(Sacramento, CA)
Friday, November 20, 2009
The report says federal agents investigating Johnson last year learned of allegations of inappropriate contact between Johnson and three females. All three were students in Johnson’s St. HOPE non-profit Americorps-style after-school program, HoodCorps. It also says Johnson offered one of the females a thousand dollars a month until the end of the program, which she did not accept.
Johnson’s spokesman, Steve Maviglio, calls the allegations “completely false.”
Maviglio: “It’s rehashed news that has been looked at by the Sacramento Police Department, the FBI, a Republican U.S. attorney.  No one has found any merit in these allegations, and unfortunately, the mayor is just being used as a political football between the right-wing Republicans in Congress and President Obama.”
The Republican report examined the firing of the U.S. Inspector General who investigated Johnson and St. HOPE during last year’s mayoral campaign. It criticizes the Obama administration and questions whether the dismissal was intended to cover up allegations against Johnson and St. HOPE.