Theatre Review: Fully Committed

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, November 18, 2009
The scene is a dingy basement beneath a four-star restaurant. There we find Sam, a struggling actor whose day job involves fielding phone calls from anxious socialites.
“Good Morning, reservations, can you hold please…”
“Is the chef there…”
“No he’s not there…”
“Is Jean-Claude there?”
“No he’s not…”
Some customers have questions about the menu.
“OK, we have jicama-smoked Scottish wood squab, poached in ginger broth and wrapped in wilted spinach…”
And there are people with special requests, like this assistant to a very fussy super model.
“When Naomi was in last time, she found the lighting a little harsh… So if Table 17 is too close to the sconce, rather than change tables, what she’d like to do is change bulbs from whatever you’re using to something a little softer, which we would be more than happy to supply.”
The script is basically a train wreck of incoming calls from demanding customers – nothing fancy in literary terms. But Miller turns it into one of the most purely enjoyable solo shows I’ve seen in years. It’s a high-energy performance that keeps him running back and forth between two phones and an intercom – and Miller hasn’t lost a step, despite the passage of seven years. His quick-change characterizations are sharper than before, his energy is boundless, and he successfully draws your sympathy. It’s a show about an ordinary Joe – the jokes sound even funnier in a recession than they did during the real estate boom.

Matt K. Miller performs “Fully Committed” at the Sacramento Theatre Company through December 20th.