Roseville Water Outages Start This Week

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, November 16, 2009
The city’s water treatment plant is scheduled to shut down Tuesday and Wednesday…and sporadically over the next two-months…while work crews build a pipeline.

Residents will still get water. It’ll just come from other sources…like wells and storage tanks.

Roseville’s Water Utility Manager Ed Kriz says some people may notice a slight difference in water quality.
“The water coming from the wells will have characteristics of ground water. Generally the thing that people will notice the most is it’s a little bit harder and so there might be some water spots that people would notice on their showers and dishwashers. It does still meet all of the state standards and it is acceptable for drinking.”
Kriz says each outage is expected to last no more than 48-hours…and during those times residents are discouraged from watering their lawns.
The new pipeline will stretch from the Folsom Reservoir to Roseville’s water treatment plant. Kriz says it’ll make Roseville’s water system more reliable.