Reno Zoo Raising Money For Animal Feed

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, November 16, 2009
The all-volunteer zoo closes each year in November…for five-months. During that period, operators say there's no revenue from visitors. So they ask for donations to feed the animals until spring.
But zoo spokeswoman Jane Kisiel says there’s more urgency this year. Revenues are down because attendance dipped by 35-percent.
“We’re actually in the hole a little bit this winter. I would say probably $15,000 or more. And that’s the hardest part for us is to start actually with not enough funds to get us going through the winter without more donations.”
Kisiel says it costs about $13,000 a month to feed 200 animals.
The zoo is home to about 40 species, including sloths, lemurs, wallabies, zebras and camels. The zoo also has six kinds of monkeys and eight kinds of cats, including lions, tigers and leopards.