Sacramento Community & Religious Leaders Denounce Recent Acts of Violence and Vandalism

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(Sacramento, CA)
Friday, November 13, 2009
Sacramento area community and religious leaders are standing united against recent acts of violence and vandalism. 

They joined State Senate Leader Darrell Steinberg at a local mosque today (Friday) to denounce last week’s mass shootings at Fort Hood in Texas.    

Adel Syed is with the Council on American-Islamic Relations or “CAIR.”  

His organization is warning California Muslims to be prepared to protect themselves against a potential backlash because the Fort Hood shooter shares their faith... 
Syed:  “We’re telling them to be vigilant for themselves and their families at areas of worship for the Muslim communities. Our office in particular has received threatening emails and phone calls and we’re in contact with law enforcement to investigate those calls and emails...”
The group also is expressing outrage over recent vandalism at a Sacramento area Synagogue where anti-Jewish messages were spray-painted. 

And, the leaders say they support the members of a Carmichael Mosque that’s part of a federal investigation for alleged ties to the Iranian government.  

Senator Steinberg says extremism won’t be tolerated in the community. He’s urging everyone to stand for “peace, respect and understanding.”