Governor Schwarzenegger Signs Water Conservation Bill

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, November 10, 2009
Governor Schwarzenegger signed a bill today (Tuesday) aimed at cutting California’s water use 20-percent over the next decade. 
As Capital Public Radio's Steve Shadley reports, its part of the historic water package lawmakers passed last week.
Governor Schwarzenegger says he’s confident Californians can save enough water to reach the conservation goal by 2020...
Schwarzenegger:  “I don’t think you will see a major problem in conservation because the people have been really great in participating when they know there’s a crisis...”
But, Sacramento area Republican State Senator Dave Cox says the bill isn’t fair. 

He says it doesn’t require cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco to meet the 20-percent goal because they’ve already got programs in place. 

But, Cox says they’re not equal...
Cox:  “You can’t expect some people to save 20-percent and someone else to save five-percent and then there are just those who get away with nothing. It just doesn’t make sense...frankly, it’s just crazy...”
Under the bill, cities would have to set their own rules to limit water use. 

They could issue fines for excessive use or incentives like rebates for water saving appliances.