CalTrans Will Modify Troublesome S-Curve

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, November 10, 2009
There have been dozens of crashes at the new stretch since it opened nine-weeks ago. And Monday, a trucker died after his big-rig plummeted 200-feet onto Yerba Buena Island…the first fatality on the S-curve since it opened on September eighth.  

On Insight Tuesday, Cal-Trans spokesman Bart Ney said they’re making several modifications to the S-curve. 
“Seeing the issues we’ve had with accidents we’ve added the raised reflectors and also sort of a no-skid surface to the steel plates that you come across when you’re driving first into the S-curve in the upper and lower decks. We’re going to place radar signage out there so when vehicles travel along the S-curve they can see how fast they’re going.”  
The S-curve is a temporary detour until construction on a new, seismically safe eastern span of the bridge is completed.

The speed limit drops from 50 MPH to 40 MPH along that stretch of the bridge, but drivers are advised to slow down even more to 35 MPH through the curve.

CHP officials say speed is responsible for most of the crashes that have taken place on the curve.