Governor Signs 11-Billion Dollar Water Bond

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, November 9, 2009
Governor Schwarzenegger signed an eleven-billion dollar bond measure today (Monday) that would allow California to fix its water system. 

But, as Capital Public Radio's Steve Shadley reports voters will have final say on whether the proposal goes through...
 The bill signing ceremony was held at a dam near Fresno. 

Governor Schwarzenegger was flanked by republican and democratic lawmakers who voted for the historic water legislation last week.

The governor said the bond will allow California to get additional funding to upgrade the state’s aging water network...
Schwarzenegger:    12 seconds “It will leverage another 30 billion dollars in federal and local funds. So altogether this is a 40-billion dollar infrastructure package. The biggest infrastructure package in the history of California...”
California won’t qualify for the extra money if voters defeat the eleven-billion bond measure on next November’s ballot. 

The governor says a statewide campaign will be launched soon to get voters behind the water package. 

But, that could be a big challenge, considering some lawmakers and environmentalists strongly oppose the water deal. 

And, California’s financial crisis may make it hard to get all of the money needed for the water projects.