New Sacramento Homeless Initiative Launched

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, November 5, 2009
It’s called “Sacramento Steps Forward,” and the mayor says it focuses on permanent housing and social services.
Johnson: “Homelessness impacts all of us in some shape or form, and we gotta start talking about who these people are. We gotta put a face on it. We gotta make it real. Because once it’s real in Sacramento, people have a desire to help out.”
The project’s goal is to come up with 2,400 permanent housing options over the next three years. That number includes getting the people off the streets and into new or existing housing; and helping those at risk of losing their home keep a roof over their head.
But besides a pot of federal stimulus funds, the mayor’s office says officials haven’t figured out where the rest of the money will come from yet – or even how much the entire project will cost.