Accident Is Reminder Of Coast Guard's Dangerous Work

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, November 5, 2009
Coast Guard Chief Petty Officer Chad Saylor says when search-and-rescue crews aren’t actually on a mission…they’re gearing up for one.
“We train everyday. It’s part of what we do. So when we go out there to assist a boater we can be as fully prepared as possible.”
And that’s just what the crew of Air Station Sacramento’s C-130 Hercules plane was doing when the accident happened – searching for a lost boater. Saylor says a search-and-rescue crew includes not only a pilot and co-pilot but five other people with specific duties.  
“You have folks that are avionics specialists and mechanic specialists so they make sure that the electronics are functioning properly so there’s are a variety of functions as you would have with any large aircraft like that.”
Saylor says despite last week’s accident and the loss of seven colleagues, Air Station Sacramento is standing by for any emergencies that may happen.
“The air station here is drawing on a lot of support from other Coast Guard members around the country to augment and support Air Station Sacramento. So we stand ready to continue providing the public with the services that we do everyday.”
Investigators are still trying to find out what caused the Coast Guard plane and Marine Corps helicopter to collide. The helicopter’s two-man crew also died.