Governor Praises Lawmakers For Approving Historic Water Legislation

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, November 4, 2009
Governor Schwarzenegger says he’s happy with water legislation lawmakers approved early this morning (Wednesday).   

But, as Steve Shadley (SHAD-Lee) reports, not everyone backs the package...
Governor Schwarzenegger says it’s an historic effort considering there’s been a lot of talk about improving the state’s water system for decades. 

The water package includes more conservation and an eleven-billion dollar bond for construction projects—possibly including dams. 

The governor is confident voters will pass the bond—likely on next November’s ballot...
Schwarzenegger:   “The people have been great partners in the past. The people overwhelmingly passed in 2006 an infrastructure package. And, they overwhelmingly approved also the high speed rail just last year. So, I know that the people will be with us on this...”
The legislation also creates an independent council to manage the delta. 

But, some lawmakers and environmental groups say the delta protection efforts fall short. 

Water rates also are expected to increase for many farmers and most consumers statewide.