State Inspector General Asks Non-Profit To Return Tax Dollars

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, November 3, 2009
The State Inspector General says a San Francisco Non-Profit is misusing federal and state taxpayer dollars. 

And, as Capital Public Radio's Steve Shadley reports, she’s ordering the organization to return the funds... 

Laura Chick says the “Economic Opportunity Council of San Francisco” was awarded a half-million dollars in federal and state funding to weather-proof homes for needy families.

But, she says instead the agency has wrongfully spent nearly ten-thousand dollars on director training meetings at a Sacramento area casino and for bottled water and coffee for staff. 

Chick says the council is a “bad apple” and the case sends a message to other non-profits that receive tax money...  
Laura Chick  “This agency and its board of directors have not committed criminal acts as far as anyone can tell. And, no one is accusing them of fraudulent activities. But they have grossly mismanaged public dollars...”
Chick also is urging the State Department of Education to stop making payments to the council for other programs. 

She’s ordering the council to return the money. 

The director of the council will not comment on the allegations. But, he’s agreed to meet with state investigators to discuss the probe.