Davis To Vote On New Housing With Measure P

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, November 2, 2009
If Measure P passes, the city will change its general plan to allow construction of the Wildhorse Ranch project. It would sit on 26-acres of farmland in the northeast part of town.
Supporters say Davis’ housing needs are growing quickly.
But opponents like Mark Siegler with the No on P campaign, say UC Davis is already building new housing…and they say developers don’t need to build on farmland – there are plenty of infill opportunities in town.
“Many more places which are closer to UC Davis which is a major employer. And at the present time, UC Davis has their West Village which is going to house 4,350 students, faculty and staff. So there’s no need to build here at this time.”
“I don’t think that’s a justifiable argument. Ordinary Davis citizens who don’t work for the university could not live there.”
Carolyn Hinshaw supports Measure P. She says Wildhorse Ranch would be a relatively small development…under 200 housing units…with solar panels and other green features.
“I think this is an example of slow growth. If Davis has to grow, I think we should approve the projects that provide some real benefits to Davis residents and I think this one is.”
But Siegler says…since Wildhorse Ranch is on the outskirts of town…residents would be driving more, leading to more vehicle emissions.
Measure P needs a majority of the vote to pass.