Stockton Marina Opens, Puts City In The Red

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, October 29, 2009
But the celebration will be tempered with some sobering financial news. Last week, city staff said the cost of running the facility will be higher-than-originally estimated. The marina is expected to put the city around $700,000 in-the-red annually…for several years.
Stockton City Councilmember Susan Eggman says that’s disappointing…but the project will ultimately be a money-maker.
“It is somewhat bittersweet. But now we’re going to make that downtown waterfront work for the city of Stockton. And it is going to take some money to operate it for the first few years and we hope that that will be compensated by the sales tax dollars that come in to businesses and to our other venues that are already existing downtown.”
Eggman says the marina will help make Stockton a destination point for boaters coming in from the Delta and the Bay Area.