Senators Hear From Top Sac Region Transportation Official on Climate BIll

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(Washington, DC)
Thursday, October 29, 2009
By: Matt Laslo, Capitol News Connection

After a week of getting yelled at by Republicans, Senator Barbara Boxer was relieved to hear from an ally. As Chairwoman of the environment committee she’s incorporated some of what Sacramento has done in her federal climate bill.

BOXER: “They’re real leaders in transportation planning and combining this with land use. Sensible, common sense ideas that have gone a long way to shape our planning efforts in California.”

The climate bill calls for regional leaders to set out plans to reduce carbon emissions from transportation. They then forward that on to Washington for approval and eventually some funding. Like Sacramento efforts, federal officials are encouraging more bike paths and walk-able communities. Mike McKeever is the director of the Sacramento Area Council of Governments.

McKEEVER: “I think that the bill, the transportation planning portions of the bill, will help our region to achieve the goals that we have set for ourselves.”

The committee could vote on the climate bill as early as next week. But its chances in the full Senate remain unclear.