New Video Cams Target Red Light Runners

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, October 28, 2009
Sergeant Tim Curran is with the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department. He says the new video cams are a lot more effective than the old cameras which only took still shots.
“It gives us the capability of having the actual video and digital still photos of the violations. And when a citation is issued they will receive a citation in the mail and they can then go to a website and actually see the position of their vehicle when the violation occurred.”
The new cameras are up-and-running at three intersections for a test run: Mack Road and Valley Hi Drive…Mack Road and Center Parkway…and Broadway and 21st Street.
Violators will only get a warning over the next three-weeks. But beginning November 27th, actual tickets will start going out. Right now, the fine for running a red light is $426.
Sacramento County has a total of 20-intersections with red light cameras. Authorities hope to have the new cameras installed at all of those intersections by the end of the year.