Sacramento County's CEO To Retire

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, October 27, 2009
Bob Waste is a professor of public policy and administration at Sacramento State. He notes…Schutten took a lot of criticism in this tough budget year for making cuts to health clinics and child protective services.
“Cuts that no one wanted to make. And so of course there was plenty of blame to go around and Terry was one of the people they blamed. But they’re blaming the environment, they’re blaming the economy, they’re blaming everything that moves and understandably so.”
Waste says Schutten’s legacy includes expansion of the Sacramento International Airport and passage of Measure A, the transportation sales tax. Waste says a 10-year run for any county  CEO is notable.
“You have to remember in the same amount of time, Yolo County’s had three county administrators; El Dorado County’s had at least two. So anything over about four years is a great run for a county administrator in California.” 
Schutten’s retirement takes effect on December 31st