Shooting Prompts Review Of Campus Alert System

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, October 22, 2009
Sacramento State student Emilee Schiro says the campus sent her a text message about the shooting. But it came several hours after the actual incident.
“I wish I would’ve gotten like an email like right away because I didn’t know which of my friends were in their dorms already. I was worried about all of them.”
Business student Lamar Holloway says he also felt out-of-the loop.
“I think it would’ve been better to find out from the school rather than seeing it on the news and being surprised.”
Sacramento State’s Emergency Notification System sends out text messages, phone calls and e-mail in the event of a dangerous situation. Dan Davis is the campus’ police chief. He says they didn’t send an ENS immediately because they didn’t want to create panic.  
“It was a situation that we had control of. There was no continuing threat to the campus community. We used the system appropriately.”
But Davis says the shooting has prompted campus officials to review protocol of when to send ENS messages.
“Every incident that happens is an opportunity for us to learn how to make the campus safer. So we’re going to learn some lessons from this.”
Davis says there’s always room for improvement but he gives his officers an A-plus for keeping the campus safe.