Swine Flu Spreading In California

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, October 15, 2009
Dr. Mark Horton heads up the State’s Department of Public Health. He says a group of about 50 doctors is monitoring flu activity for the state. And they’re reporting that five percent of patients that come into the office have flu-like symptoms. Horton says ordinarily it should be around two percent:
Cut “that is very unusual for this time of year.” That is very accelerated, and in fact, we’ve seen some increase in that percentage over the past several weeks.”
Horton says about 95% of flu cases being tested are coming back as H1N1. The state began receiving vaccines last week. So far California has received 750-thousand doses of the vaccine. Most of that has gone to private physicians, but some is going to public health departments. Horton says by the end of the year, California expects to receive 20 million doses of the vaccine. So far more than three-thousand Californians have been hospitalized with H1N1 – and 219 have died from the illness.