Fair Political Practices Commission Asked To Investigate Lobbyists

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, October 14, 2009
California’s Fair Political Practices Commission is being asked to investigate two lobbyists. One of them allegedly had an affair with former Assemblyman Mike Duvall.   

The request was filed today (Wednesday) by the political watchdog group Common Cause.  

Capital Public Radio's Steve Shadley reports...
The complaint alleges that Duvall, a married Republican, had a sexual affair with one of the lobbyists who works for Sempra Energy. 

That’s a utility that Duvall was regulating as vice-chair of the Assembly Utilities and Commerce Committee.  

Common Cause Regional Director Derek Cressman believes the state’s political reform act was violated...
Cressman:  “We’d at least like to see a fine and some sort of penalty for the lobbyist involved in a broader sense we would like for the truth to come out and for that spur some broader ranging reforms that will change the political culture of Sacramento...”  
Duvall resigned from the Assembly last month after a videotape surfaced. 

It showed Duvall graphically describe his relationship with the lobbyist to another lawmaker. 

Common Cause says it filed the complaint because Assembly Speaker Karen Bass and Attorney General Jerry Brown did not investigate. 

Even though Bass originally called for an investigation, her office says the Assembly’s Ethics Committee can’t act because Duvall resigned. 

Brown’s spokesman says the affair was not illegal. The Fair Political Practices Commission has two weeks to decide whether it will investigate. 

Duvall denies he had an affair.