Manteca Police Department Facing Cuts

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, October 8, 2009
Manteca City Manager Steve Pinkerton says tensions are running high between the city and the Manteca Police Officer’s Association.
“There’s certainly a lot of frustration right now that we’re trying to work through.”
The city is asking officers not only to do without a 4% cost-of-living increase but to accept a 6% pay cut as well. Pinkerton says that’s something other city employees have agreed to as Manteca tries to whittle down a budget deficit that started at $14 million.
“But the public safety officers feel they should not be subject to something that everybody else in government’s going through and certainly everybody else out here in the valley with their double-digit inflation’s going through.”
But the Vice-President of the Manteca Police Officer’s Association David Brown says they’ve already taken pay cuts and given up pay-raises.
“We deferred 4% to save four officers in January and we also waived an equivalent of about $750,000 in annual overtime that we typically schedule for various events throughout the year. So we’ve definitely been willing to work with the city. We feel gave quite a bit of a savings.”  
City Manager Pinkerton says if the union doesn’t agree to take more concessions by Saturday, the city council will be forced to lay off 12 of Manteca’s 72 police officers.