Governor To Lawmakers: Mass Veto Of Bills Is A Serious Threat

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, October 8, 2009
Governor Schwarzenegger today (Thursday) confirmed his threat that he’ll veto of a bunch of bills if legislative leaders don’t come up with a plan this week to deal with the state’s water crisis.  

Capital Public Radio's Steve Shadley reports...
Governor Schwarzenegger made the announcement during a speech in San Francisco. 

He says if he doesn’t get a comprehensive plan to improve California’s water delivery and storage system by the weekend...he’ll make good on his promise...
Schwarzenegger:    “I’ve made it very clear to the legislators and the leaders if this does not get done then I will veto a lot of their legislation...a lot of their bills. So that should inspire them to go and get the job done! (Applause)”
Senate Democratic Leader Darrell Steinberg says he isn’t buying the governor’s threat. 

He calls it a “sideshow” and says there are too many important bills on the line...
Steinberg: “There are bills to provide billions of dollars to beleaguered hospitals. Hundreds of millions of dollars to the most needy schools. And, that’s why I think that in the can either take the bait or just do your job...” 
The governor’s veto message contradicts what his office has been telling reporters. 

Schwarzenegger’s Press Secretary Aaron McLear has repeatedly said that the governor is reviewing the 700 bills on his desk individually and will act on each of them according to their merit. 

The governor must act on the bills before Sunday night’s deadline.