Governor Considering Regulations Echoing Health Care Debate

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, October 7, 2009
Anthony Wright is with the consumer advocacy group Health Access California. Wright says lawmakers on Capitol Hill are debating similar insurance regulations that are in some of California’s bills. But he says Governor Schwarzenegger should take action sooner than later.
“It would be important to get these regulations in place now because consumers need them now and we can’t wait for the three, four, five year implementation even if health care reform is signed this year.”

One bill would require insurance companies to get the state’s permission before retroactively rescinding or cancelling members’ health insurance. Another would mandate maternity benefits and there’s a measure that would expand coverage for mental health care. There’s also a bill that would eliminate charging higher premiums based on gender.

Last year the governor vetoed similar bills that would have regulated insurance rescissions and expanded maternity coverage.