Bill Requires Californians To Get A Background Check Before Buying Bullets

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, October 6, 2009
Supporters of a bill aimed at reducing gun violence are making a last minute push to get the governor to sign it.     

As Capital Public Radio's Steve Shadley reports, the measure requires Californians to get a background check before they can buy ammunition...
Supporters say the bill would prevent felons from buying bullets illegally. 

It’s modeled after ordinances passed in 17 California cities.

Sacramento City Councilmember Kevin McCarty says it’s been easy to enforce in his city, where a police database is used to cross check the names of people before they can buy ammo...
McCarty:  “If a name pops up the police department issues a search warrant...goes to the house and finds out what’s going on there. We’ve been able to confiscate a couple of hundred illegal guns...”
The bill also requires gun dealers to take fingerprints of bullet buyers for the police. 

Sam Paredes is with the group “Gun Owners Of California” which opposes the bill... 
Paredes: “We think that’s a massive waste of law enforcement resources, especially at a time when you’re talking about cutting back on police officers and sheriff’s deputies...”
Paredes says the bill also wouldn’t prevent felons from buying ammo in other states and bringing it back to California. 

The governor is still reviewing the bill. He has until Sunday to sign the measure.