Logjam Of Bills On Governor's Desk

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, October 5, 2009
It’s an anxious time for state lawmakers like Mike Villines, eager to find out from the Schwarzenegger Administration the fate of their bills.
“I’ve called about my own bill to make sure…’are you guys looking at it, are you working on it?’”
Actually, the Assemblyman has several bills awaiting the governor’s signature. One would eliminate waste in state government. Another would lengthen prison sentences for child abusers. But they’re just a few of more than 700 bills on the governor’s desk. Is Villines worried Schwarzenegger will be overwhelmed?
“I’m comfortable the governor can make very quick decisions right towards the very end.”
Mike Naple is a spokesman for the governor’s office.
“Governor Schwarzenegger is currently reviewing each of those bills based on their merits. That said – Governor Schwarzenegger is hopeful that the Legislature will come to an agreement on water.”
Translation? Analysts say “hostage taking” is being discussed in the halls of the Capitol.
“…in terms of the bills being held hostage for special session issues that need to be resolved.”
Barbara O’Conner heads Sacramento State’s Institute for the Study of Politics and Media. She says those issues important to the Schwarzenegger Administration include not only water but tax reform.
“They are using it as leverage, rightfully, to get everybody around the table.”
O’Conner says it’ll be awhile before we know the outcome of those 700 bills on the governor’s desk.
“I don’t think you’ll anything on the bills until after discussions on larger issues and what part the bills and their passage play in the bigger discussion.”
The governor has until Sunday, October 11th to take action on the bills.