Lodi Keeps Prayers, Group May Sue

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, October 1, 2009
The vote came after several hours of public testimony. Some people wanted the prayers to reflect only Christian beliefs, while others opposed any kind of prayer at all.
Meantime, the group that originally challenged the invocations says it may file a lawsuit. Annie-Laurie Gaylor is with the Wisconsin-based Freedom from Religion Foundation. They’ve also challenged similar invocations in the cities of Turlock and Tracy.
She says opening city council meetings with a religious prayer violates the U-S Supreme Court’s decision on the separation of church and state.
“There are several city council prayers going on that violate the Supreme Court guarantees on this. We are looking to see which would make the best case and we probably will be going to court in California, we’re just not sure where.”
Under the policy approved by Lodi City Council members last night, invocations will be allowed prior to the formal start of a public meeting.