City Council Approves Surveillance Cameras

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, September 30, 2009
Council members voted to accept a $600,000 homeland security grant to fund more than 30 surveillance cameras. Before the vote, Deputy Police Chief Sam Summers told council members the cameras would help fight crime while respecting the public’s privacy.
“…for instance, we have software right now or technology that allow us to mosaic out locations such as a window to someone’s private residence and we plan to use those same strategies with these cameras.”
But Jim Updegraff with the American Civil Liberties Union argued against the cameras.
“If you or your family are concerned about the intrusive invasion of your privacy and possibly being part of the government database then you probably should not vote to accept the grant.”
The council decided to allow more cameras under the condition that the Police Department submits guidelines about how the cameras will be used. Police officials say they don’t have an exact date yet of when the cameras will actually hit the streets.