Group Launches Campaign To Repeal Prop. 8

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, September 24, 2009
The group Love Honor Cherish is spearheading the effort to try to repeal prop 8 next November. However, the well-known gay rights group Equality California has pushed for a 2012 ballot measure – arguing that turnout will be better in a Presidential election. John Henning is with Love Honor Cherish. He says he knows it isn’t optimal to have groups pushing for two different ballots, but…

“We strongly believe that 2010 is the right year and we’re going to go forward. Other groups that have urged waiting, we believe that when the signatures have been gathered and the campaign begins, they will be on board.”

Henning calls prop 8 a “black eye” on the Constitution of California and says there’s no reason to wait any longer to try to repeal it. The group’s initiative spells out that religious institutions would not be required to perform same-sex marriages if it interferes with their beliefs. Love Honor Cherish will have until April to gather signatures.