UC Professors, Students Plan Walkout

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, September 21, 2009
The protest over furloughs is set to happen this Thursday – the first day of classes at UC Santa Cruz, UC San Francisco and UC Davis.

Victor Sanchez is president of the UC Student Association. He says students have mixed feelings about the walkout.
“You have students that’ll think that it might affect their education in not being able to go to class. But you also have other students that are saying this is a good opportunity to stand up, sort of a call to action. They’re very legitimate concerns and that’s something that we’re seeing here with the students.”
Sanchez says many students are planning to take part in the walkout as well to protest proposed fee hikes. 
UC officials say they’re struggling with a steep decline in state funding and face a $500 million deficit unless they institute employee furloughs and student fee increases.