More Urgency This Year for American River Parkway Cleanup

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(Sacramento, CA)
Friday, September 18, 2009
Perry: “The timing is pretty good, because it’s after the summer, the parkway’s been used a lot, and before the winter rains we’re able to get a lot of brush cleared up and a lot of garbage out of the parkway.”
But organizers say this year’s cleanup carries an extra importance. That’s because Sacramento County has sharply reduced its maintenance of the parkway because of budget cuts.
Perry: “Most of us that have kind of watched with the cutbacks from the counties, and those of us that use the parkway recognize we probably need to actually step up and do even more to contribute to help with the parkway and keep it cleaned up for the people that use it.”
The parkway runs for 23 miles on either side of the American River. The cleanup runs Saturday morning from 9am to noon.