Despite State Cash Crunch, Money Flowed Into Campaign Coffers

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Incumbent lawmakers have held more than 325 fundraisers in Sacramento this year. That’s according to a new list put together by the Fair Political Practices Commission – the state’s campaign finance watchdog.  Chairman Ross Johnson says 86 fundraisers – more than a quarter of the total – were held during the final three weeks of the legislative session, when lawmakers are considering hundreds of bills:

 “It just doesn’t appear right and I think the average person in California would be troubled by that.”

Fundraisers included meals, cocktail parties and golf tournaments. Johnson says if a lobbyist paid the max amount requested at all of them, they’d cough up more than one-and-a-quarter million dollars.   Johnson also says many of the events were not held for 2010 campaigns – but for offices three to five years away.  The list does not include fundraisers held in lawmakers’ districts.