String of Playground Arsons Worries Fire Officials

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, September 14, 2009
The four fires have been scattered throughout the region: three different Sacramento neighborhoods and one in North Highlands.
Sac Fire spokesman Jim Doucette says there’s no evidence the arsons are linked – but investigators are hunting for clues to find out who’s responsible.
Doucette: “Arsonists are very sick people. A lot of them don’t just stop at lighting small fires. They want to have bigger and bigger fires. If it is just kids messing around, then we can educate them about what they’re doing. A lot of times that works. But if it’s an arsonist, then we got our hands full.”
The first fire was discovered on Labor Day, at Castori Elementary School in the Twin Rivers Unified School District. The other three all came sometime this past weekend: one at Village Elementary, in North Highlands; another at Charlie Jensen Park, near the Sacramento Executive Airport; and the third at Hiram Johnson High School in Eastern Sacramento.
Officials are asking anyone with information to contact the Fire Department’s arson tip line (916-808-8732) or the Crime Alert hotline (916-443-HELP).