Obama's Health Care Speech Stirring, Some Doubts Remain

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(Sacramento, CA)
Wednesday, September 9, 2009
Our three guests had different backgrounds and different opinions.
“I’m Ralph deVere White and I am the director of the UC Davis Cancer Center.”
deVere White is a urologist and says he's adamant about wanting some health reform bill to get through this year.
“My name is Matt Guagliardo. I’m semi-retired and currently have no health insurance.”

He was laid off from his job in Fresno about a year and a half ago and soon after got a prostate cancer diagnosis. He says he’s a progressive and a big Obama supporter.
“I’m Leigh Bashor, I’m director of administrative services at Biddle Consulting Group in Folsom, California…yes, I do have insurance.”
She’s in charge of employee benefits at her company. She’s a Republican and says she’s skeptical about the cost of universal coverage.
After the speech was over I asked our guests what they thought. Leigh Bashor led off.

[Collection of reactions from the three guests.]