Air Force Flyovers Start This Weekend

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(Sacramento, CA)
Friday, September 4, 2009
David Byron is a Senior Master Sergeant with the U-S Air Force.
“It’s not a reason for concern. Sometimes people get nervous about seeing military aircraft flying low overhead. But this is more of a cause for celebration. We’re bringing the Air Force to Sacramento, giving you a chance to meet the airmen protecting you.”
Byron says the flyovers have been approved by the Federal Aviation Administration. Earlier this year, unannounced low-level flights around the Statue of Liberty provoked memories of the September 11th terror attacks for many New Yorkers.
The local flyovers are part of Air Force Week. They start Saturday and continue for the next eight-days over Rancho Cordova, the State Fair at Cal Expo and Downtown Sacramento. The flyovers culminate next weekend at the California Capital Air Show at Mather Airport.