Auburn Fire: County Offers One Stop Homeowner Assistance

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(Auburn, CA)
Monday, August 31, 2009
Placer County will open a “one-stop-shop” assistance center in Auburn Tuesday morning for homeowners who’ve been displaced by the fire. County Supervisor Jennifer Montgomery says  the center will pull together various agencies and others who can help people begin to rebuild their lives.   
“We’re going to be providing all levels of service, everything from counseling services to health and human services to the assessor’s office to rebuild the paper trail of people’s homes and possessions. Really everything you can think of.”
Officials say homeowners should bring whatever identification they have, but if they’ll still be helped even without I-D. 

 The center will be open Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm at the DeWitt Center at  11517 F Street in Auburn.