UC Davis to Close Campus for 11 Days This School Year

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(Davis, CA)
Friday, August 28, 2009
They’re also outlining another $5 million in cuts for the school’s various academic departments. That’s on top of the $10 million in reductions announced in March.
Associate Vice Chancellor Kelly Ratliff says students will have to deal with fewer classes, services and options this school year.
Ratliff: “Departments are carefully evaluating course schedules and their offerings to figure out what adjustments might need to be made: either larger classes, fewer sections, those are the sorts of choices that they’ll be making and the sorts of things that students will see.”
All that … despite a nearly 10 percent increase in U-C student fees.
The campus will close for seven business days between the fall and winter quarters, and two days each in March and June. None of those days will be while classes are in session – and they’ll all coincide with campus-wide furloughs for faculty and staff.