Capitol "Tea Party" Rally Message: "Taxes Are Too High & Business Is Fleeing California"

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(Sacramento, CA)
Friday, August 28, 2009
About 15-hundred people attended a so-called “Tea Party” rally at the state capitol today (Friday, 08.28.09).  

They say high taxes and industrial regulations are slowing down California’s economic recovery.

Capital Public Radio's Steve Shadley reports...
Crowd Chants  “No More Government...No More Government!”
The protesters say tax hikes in the recent state budget deal and what they call “burdensome” environmental rules are forcing businesses to flee California. 

They waved signs that read “Global Warming is a Lie” and “Save Jobs At Any Cost!”

Dennis Nokleby says he took a day off work to attend the rally.   He’s a health care worker in Napa...
Dennis Nokleby  “The government and environmentalists are just taking over. Their driving businesses out of the state. Their causing hardships and loss of jobs. The state can’t afford that...”
But, Bill Camp...with the Sacramento Central Labor Council...says California’s push for more renewable energy sources and green technology is actually creating jobs...     
Bill Camp “This Tea Party is organized around fear. Those environmental regulations make California a great place to live and a great place to work...”
Camp says some California companies are moving to Nevada and other states because they’re offered tax incentives to do so. 

He says California lawmakers should approve similar legislation to keep those jobs here.