Teachers & Some Democratic Lawmakers Outline Goals For Education Special Session

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, August 25, 2009
Cuts to schools in the state budget are prompting some lawmakers and a few teachers to outline their goals for an upcoming special session on education.  

Capital Public Radio's Steve Shadley reports...

Governor Schwarzenegger wants the special session to focus on netting additional federal dollars for education in California. 

But, teachers and a few Assembly democrats see it as an opportunity to raise taxes to shore up spending for schools. 

The budget included six-billion dollars in cuts for education.  

Democratic Assemblymember Julia Brownley of Santa Monica says the cuts went too deep and were mean-spirited...
Julia Brownley “We’ve been talking a lot about prisons here over the past week in Sacramento. We can cut six billion dollars for schools but we can’t seem how to figure out how to cut one-point-two billion dollars out of prisons. (audience boos) Prisons, they’re overcrowded...but what about our schools? Our classrooms are overcrowded...”
Democratic Assemblymember Pedro Nava of Santa Barbara says he’ll use the special session to push a bill that would create a tax on oil production that would help pay for education. 

He says the measure would create a billion and a half dollars in revenues each year. But, the bill could be in for a bumpy road ahead. 

Governor Schwarzenegger has that he will not sign any bill that calls for new taxes while so many Californians are hurting during the economic downturn.