Senate Approves Prison Bill

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(Sacramento, CA)
Friday, August 21, 2009
It’s intended to trim a Billion dollars from the state corrections budget. But Senate leader Darrell Steinberg says it’s more than that…

“It’s not just about this year’s budget. It is about how over time we are going to change that awful statistic that has California spending more money on corrections than higher education.”

Republicans oppose the bill. They say provisions to reduce some crimes to misdemeanors and ease conditions for parole would be a threat to public safety. The bill now goes to the state Assembly.

And Assembly Speaker Karen Bass says she plans to strip the most controversial provisions from the Senate-approved plan. Bass says the new plan - to be considered Monday - will do away with proposals to allow – lower sentences for certain property crimes…and home detention with electronic monitoring for inmates with less than 12 months to serve.