Drive-By Shooting at Sac County Jail "Doomed to Failure"

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, August 17, 2009
Curran: “This was doomed for failure from the beginning.”
Sergeant Tim Curran says several gunshots hit windows on the jail’s fifth and sixth floors. The windows survived, and no one was injured.
He says the jail is designed to prevent an operation like this from succeeding.
Curran: “This is very atypical for anybody to believe they could shoot out a fifth- or sixth-story window in a multi-story high-rise jail and be able to facilitate an escape.”
The Sheriff’s department is still trying to identify the suspects responsible for the shooting – and the inmates they might have been trying to help.
Curran says the last time a county inmate tried to escape was back in 2005. The inmate stowed himself away underneath a transportation bus – but did not survive the trip.