State Board Moves To Cut "Healthy Families" Coverage For Thousands Of Kids

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, August 13, 2009
Thousands of California kids will start losing their state provided health care this fall thanks to the state’s cash crunch. 

The board that oversees “Healthy Families” says it doesn’t have enough money to provide services much longer. 

Capital Public Radio's Steve Shadley reports...
Next month the state will issue notices that kids will be cut from the “Healthy Families” program starting October first—Even though it’s getting some help from another children’s program. Kris Perry, with “California First Five”...says its’

chipping in 81-million dollars to make-up for some lost revenues...
Perry  “We hope the contribution will forestall wait listing and disenrollment of children as soon as possible.”
But, even with that contribution the program still faces a 112-million dollar shortfall. 

Katie Becker’s kids have been enrolled in “Healthy Families” for eight years. She’s afraid they won’t get the proper care for their asthma...
Becker “I’m a single mom with four kids on a fixed income and it’s going to be really hard to pay for medication and health care out of my own pocket...”
State officials say tens-of-thousands of Californians could lose their “Healthy Families” coverage by next summer unless lawmakers can come up with the money soon.