Ringwalds Remember John Hughes

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(Sacramento, CA)
Thursday, August 6, 2009
Paul Conley: Why are they (John Hughes films) so long lasting?
Molly Ringwald: Because they’re good, I dunno (laughs). They just sort of speak to teenagers in a way that films really haven’t done before or since. They just work and the issues that those films deal really haven’t changed all that much so they still work
Bob Ringwald: I think John was really sharp. He was really sharp to pick the right actors and then write a good script and then let the actors run with it. (To Molly) You did an awful lot of changing or ad libbing, too, didn’t you Molly? Didn’t he let you guys go with it?
Molly Ringwald: Yeah, he did. He was very open about that. I mean it would sort of drive the editors crazy because they would just get masses and masses of film that they had to sort of sift through, but he used to just love to just like let the camera just roll on me and on Anthony Michael Hall and, you know, just kind of let us make up stuff. But he was really smart. I mean between that and also just the script which was pretty brilliant to start out with. You know, he knew what he was doing.