Field Poll: California Electorate Changing

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, August 4, 2009
The survey released Tuesday illustrates the changing face of California’s electorate. Mark DiCamillo is the Field Poll director.

“It’s certainly not your grandmother’s population. It’s not the same voting pool. And the future will continue to show significant changes with more and more registered voters being voters of color and that probably has the biggest impact on just the backdrop of state politics.”

The survey shows that white non-Hispanic’s share of the state’s registered voter population has plunged from 83% to 65%. That decline is offset by big increases in the proportion of Latinos and Asians.

Latinos now comprise 21% of the state’s registered voters…while Asians now make up 8%. 

The poll also shows that the California Republican Party is not keeping pace with the state's evolving demographics.

DiCamillo says the Republican Party has increased its share of Hispanics, blacks and Asians since 1978, but the changes have lagged.  

“Democrats have become much more ethnically diverse. But there’s been much slower change taking place among Republicans. Right now 79% of Republicans are white non-Hispanic and just 21% are ethnic voters.”

Meanwhile, the poll shows that 55% of Democrats and 59% of non-partisans are white non-Hispanic.

The state GOP chairman says broadening the party's reach has become a top priority.