Kaiser Opens New Trauma Center

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(Sacramento, CA)
Monday, August 3, 2009
Doctor Joseph Karam is the center’s medical director. He says the $30 million facility on Bruceville Road fills a void.

“The south part of this county has not had a trauma center and the people who’ve been injured down here have had to be transported all the way up to UC Davis. Now we’re cutting the transport times in half and potentially saving lives and limiting the further injuries that they have. Yes it is expensive but it’s necessary.”

Karam says anyone with a medical emergency will be seen at the Level Two trauma center…even if they don’t have medical insurance.

Officials estimate they’ll take care of nearly 700 patients during the center’s first year of operation. And they say about 20% of those patients will be teenagers, victims of youth violence.

The new center is partnering with the City of Sacramento to create a youth violence prevention program that includes crisis intervention, case management and follow-up assistance to youth treated at the facility.