Theatre Review: Erratica

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(Sacramento, CA)
Tuesday, July 28, 2009
Professor Samantha Stafford is smart, cool as a cucumber, and sometimes brutally direct. She’s also an attractive 30-something, in complete control of her academic specialty and her personal life. So when a college boy hands her a goofy love sonnet written in her honor, she shuts the lad down cold.

“How to put this nicely… It’s bad. Very, very bad. Laughable. Actually, if you really wanted me, you should have come in and played your strength. . . your ass. I noticed it’s tight, toned, well-rounded and vigorous. Which is a lot more than I can say for your sonnet.”

Ah, but there’s always a chink, in even the finest armor. The principal pleasure of this fast-paced romp is the appealing spectacle of Professor Stafford gradually losing her chilly composure as events lurch out of her control. In addition to the lovesick college boy, the complications include a stolen manuscript, a talkative ghost, and a devious book publicist who wants to market the good-looking professor on the cover of Cosmopolitan. The results are hilarious, as the professor trips herself up, despite her best efforts. This is a sassy new comedy won a contest for original scripts organized by Capital Stage, and it’s a very funny show that I’m happy to recommend.

“Erratica: An Academic Farce” continues through this Sunday, August 2nd at Capital Stage, on the Delta King Riverboat in Old Sacramento.