Sac County's New Budget Gap: $32 Million

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(Sacramento, CA)
Friday, July 24, 2009
The $22 million deficit comes in large part from declines in property and sales tax revenues. But two weeks ago, the Board of Supervisors voted to take $10 million from other departments to save the jobs of 70 sheriff's deputies.
Chief operations officer Nav Gill says the county will reopen its budget in September to deal with the entire $32 million problem. And Gill says there’s only one area that’s safe from the budget axe.
Gill: “We did some massive cuts in public safety, and we put a lot of money back into it. And strategically, if we just put money into it, coming back and taking money out, it does not seem to flow – and it’s also one of the top priorities of our board.”
Gill says health and human assistance programs will likely take further cuts. Municipal services like parks and libraries are on the table as well.